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Titlie: Boiling Point! Garv seeks Separation from Titlie (Upcoming Twist)

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Titlie: Boiling Point! Garv seeks Separation from Titlie

Titlie: Garv demand separation from Titlie


Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie coming to know shocking truth.

It was earlier seen that Titlie will get hands on Chikoo’s photograph that will drive Garv mad.

Garv will once again raise hands on Titlie leaving her in dismay.

Titlie will be shocked as she will want to know the connection between Chikoo’s death and Garv getting paranoid.

Shockingly Garv will be traumatized and will ask Titlie to leave him as he is a wrong person.

Garv wants to end his marriage as he is not able to control his emotions that are getting dangerous.

Titlie will be seen making it very clear that it’s her life and she will decide whether she wants to be in a relationship with him or not?

Titlie vows to dig out truth

She will try to talk to Dhara Monica and Koel but all the three with warn her not to dig into this matter as it’s a secret of the Mehta family.

Will Titlie be able to figure out the truth about Chikoo and Garv’s alliance or not?

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