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Titlie: Significant Decision! Hiral Expose Garv's physical abuse towards Titlie (Serial Update)

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Titlie: Hiral expose Garv's physical abuse towards Titlie

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie and Garv’s marriage.

It was earlier seen that Titlie is in an abusive marriage where she is being manhandled by Garv on regular bases.

 Soon things are going to get unfold as Hiral will come to know about Garv raising his hands on Titlie.

She will be seen taking advantage of this truth and will expose Garv in front of the entire family.

Titlie will be scared to face Garv as she knows he is fuming in anger and now it’s impossible to control him.

Hiral has strikes Garv and Titlie very hard and humiliated Garv in front of everyone.

Hiral is very happy as finally she has been able to seek revenge from Titlie by breaking her marriage.

Rajshree on the other hand is very shocked and takes Titlie aside to know the truth about her abusive behavior.

Hiral breaks Titlie’s marriage

Will Hiral be able to separate Titlie and Garv forever?

Will Grav be able to forget this humiliation or not?

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