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Titlie: Titlie unravels truth behind Mysterious Past of Garv (Upcoming Twist)

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Titlie: Titlie to dig into mysterious past of Garv

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie’s struggle in life.

It seems that Titlie plans a retro-themed party to celebrate Garv's birthday, and it's during this event that she inches closer to unravelling the mystery behind the enigmatic picture.

She begins her quest for answers by questioning Dhara, Koel, and others about the picture, but to her surprise, everyone evades the topic, urging her to steer clear of it.

Undeterred, Titlie persists and eventually approaches Dadaji, hoping to find some clarity.

Dadaji reveals that the person in the picture is known as 'Chikoo' but is abruptly interrupted by Monica, who prevents him from divulging any further details.

Titlie will be seen confused as she wants to know what happened many years back that has changed the dynamics of her house forever.

Garv dark secret ahead

Garv on the other hand is not ready to divulge anything about what happened in the past.

Will Titlie be able to learn the shocking truth behind Chikoo or not?

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