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Titlie: Titlie discover Manik’s FOURTH Son’s truth Garv Vicious past unveiled (Upcoming Twist)

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Titlie: Titlie exposed to Manik’s fourth son truth

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie facing backlash from her in laws.

It was earlier seen that Titlie is facing a lot hardship as her family is not able to trust her at any cost.

She will be accused of being careless and leaving Dadaji behind and putting him in huge danger.

Depressed Dadaji will be seen sharing about the dark secret of his family with Titlie.

He will reveal in front of Titlie that Manik had one more son but due to some unforeseen circumstance he is no longer alive.

Titlie will be disturbed to know the truth about Garv’s brother and will be seen digging deep into the matter.

It will soon be revealed that Garv was the reason behind the death of his elder brother.

Garv shocking past revealed

This is going to leave a huge impact on Garv’s mind as he was never able to over this heartbreaking loss.

Will Titlie be able to help the family face the horrors of their past or not?

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