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Titlie: Titlie Not ready to sacrifice Career for Family Maina Distressed (Upcoming Twist)

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Titlie: Titlie not ready to make huge sacrifice

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie going against her family.

It was earlier seen that Titlie is very passionate about her career as a florist as she loves flowers a lot.

She will want to continue her work after marriage as she wants to support her family.

However Garv will not want Titlie to go out and work as he doesn’t want Titlie to make her career.

Maina will also support Garv in his quest as she knows Garv has anger issues and can do anything to get his way across.

Soon things are going to take a shocking twist as Titlie will start getting clue that point towards Garv being the wrong person.

Maina will once again save Garv by taking the blame on her head as she doesn’t want Garv to ruin his marriage.

Maina saves Garv

Will Garv be able to understand his mistake or not?

Will Titlie be able to go against her family and fulfill her dreams or not?

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