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Titlie: Unbelievable! Titlie to know about Garv’s hands in Chikoo’s death (Upcoming Twist)

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Titlie: Titlie suspects Garv’s horrendous past

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie exposing Garv.

It seems that Titlie will try to make Garv’s birthday special by decorating his room and putting his old pictures in his room.

Shockingly Titlie will get a childhood picture of Garv and feels excited.

Garv will be standing with an unknown child whom Titlie will not be able to recognize.

It will soon be revealed that the name of the boy is Chikoo and he was Garv’s elder brother.

While playing Garv accidentally killed his brother and he was never able to come out of this trauma.

The family has kept this secret from the world as they didn’t want Garv’s future to get spoilt due to this incident.

Titlie will try to know the truth about Chikoo’s death but the family will keep this secret from Titlie as they don’t want anyone to know about their horrific past.

Titlie troubled by Garv’s past

Will Titlie be able to get justice for Chikoo or not?

Will Garv be able to accept his mistake or not?

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