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Pandya Stores: Dhara insecure as Raavi Rishita take over Pandya house (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on September 20, 2021

Pandya Stores: Dhara insecure to see Raavi Rishita take over Pandya house

Star Plus show Pandya Stores is revolving around Dhara’s pregnancy.

It seems that Raavi will take over the kitchen as Dhara is pregnant and not able to take care of the house and kitchen the way she use to do it earlier.

Things have changed a lot in the past few days as Rishita is also taking the control of the house in her hands and will do things without Dhara’s permission.

Dhara will start feeling bad that her position in the house has changed and the family doesn’t need her anymore.

Dhara turns vulnerable

She will start feeling insecure with both Raavi and Rishita as they are slowly taking her place in the Pandya house.

Suman on the other hand wants Dhara to stay away from any kind of responsibility as she doesn’t want Dhara to take any kind of stress.

Will Dhara be able to accept the new change in her life or not?

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