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Titlie: Unrest! Chintu expose Sandy’s evil face in front of Drishti (Upcoming Twist)

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Titlie: Chintu expose Sandy’s evil face

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Chintu helping out Drishti.

It was earlier seen that Chintu is working as a driver for Sandy.

He will be shocked to notice that Drishti is Sandy’s girlfriend.

He will further realize that Sandy has been cheating on Drishti and is dating other girl’s as well.

Chintu will get evidence and reveals it in front of Drishti.

Drishti will not think much and will break her relationship with Sandy as she cannot be with a cheater.

Soon Sandy will come and starts threatening Drishti and Chintu for playing game behind his back.

He will warn Drishti not to do breakup with him or else she has a pay a huge price.

Titlie will come and stops Sandy from trying to manipulate Drishti and kick Sandy out of the house.

Drishti aware of truth

Drishti will be thankful as Chintu opened her eyes.

Will Sandy be able to understand his limits and leave Drishti alone or not?

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