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BhagyaLaxmi: Balwinder furious post Laxmi's went missing kept him on Stand in MANDAP (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 21, 2023

BhagyaLaxmi: Laxmi is Kidnapped!

ZeeTv Drama-laden Tv serial BhagyaLaxmi is up with an interesting drama curve again with Laxmi and Balwinder wedding gets interrupted with news of Laxmi going missing and the real cause behind the absence of Laxmi to be Rishi.

To save Laxmi from Balwindar's marriage trap Rishi took this major step of taking Laxmi with him to a distant place discreetly while the MUHURAT for marriage ends. 

Balwinder is furious and demands back his money from Ranu.

Balwinder and Ranu conversation heard by Shalu and Bani

Shalu and Bani overhears Balwinder demanding back his money from Ranu after there is no sign of Laxmi on Mandap and in the house. 

This betrayal has caused Balwinder to swear to take revenge from Laxmi for the humiliation he faced in front of his friends. 

Will Ballu's revenge become dangerous for Laxmi?

How Shalu and Bani will confirm Ranu for the betrayal she has given the sisters. 

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