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Pandya Store: Prafula EXPOSE Shiva’s secret major drama unfold (Upcoming Twist)

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Pandya Store: Prafula to know Shiva’s secret

Star Plus show Pandya Store is revolving around Dhara hiding Shivaa from the family.

It was earlier seen that Shivaa is staying in Prafulla’s house and she will feel that it is Shivaa’s ghost that has come to haunt her.

However Prafulla will soon realise that it is not Shivaa’s ghost but it is actually Shivaa who is staying in her house and making her scared.

Prafulla will be very happy that she has come to know Shivaa’s secret and now she can use it against the Pandya family.

Shivaa on the other hand will disguise as a vegetable wala and goes to Pandya house to meet his family.

Shivaa hides from Prafula

Shivaa has no idea that Prafula knows his secret and now will use to against him.

Will Shivaa and Raavi be able to stop Prafula from destroying their plan or not?

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