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Pandya Store: Rumours of Dhara’s pregnancy spread once again Gautam on cloud nine (Upcoming Twist)

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Pandya Store: Dhara pregnancy rumour spread once again

Star Plus show Pandya Store is revolving around Dhara hiding Shivaa from the family.

It was earlier seen that Pandya family is suffering due to Shivaa’s death and suddenly Gautam will notice spark in Dhara’s face.

Gautam will feel that Dhara is hiding something from him as after Shivaa’s death she was lost and forgot how to smile.

Dhara will soon reveal that Shivaa will come back to them soon.

Gautam will misunderstand Dhara and feels that she is pregnant once again and starts dancing in happiness.

Gautam misunderstand Dhara

Gautam will want to share this good news with Suman and rest of the family but Dhara will not allow them to do so as she doesn’t want any kind of confusion.

Will Gautam be able to know the truth or not?

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