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Pandya Store: Pandya Bahu’s on hunger strike shocking details ahead (Upcoming Twist)

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Pandya Store: Pandya Bahu’s on hunger strike details ahead

Star Plus show Pandya Store is revolving around Dhara hiding Shivaa from the family.

It was earlier seen that Shiva thinks that he has to get the land back for his freedom while Dhara tells him that they will have to sell the house.

Dhara tells Suman that they should sell this house and go to stay somewhere else.

Suman gets furious and states that the Pandya house will not be sold even after she dies and turns away from everyone.

Rishita, Raavi, and Dhara stand up and lock themselves in the room. Further, Rishita says that they won’t come out until it’s finalized to sell the house.

Rishita stern action against Suman

In the upcoming track, Rishita says that either this house will be sold or they will die starving.

Gautam and Dev get shocked seeing their wife's behaviour and wonder why they want to sell the house.

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