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Udaariyaan: Shocking! Tanya reveals her real identity to Angad (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 04, 2022

Udaariyaan: Shocking! Tanya reveals her real identity to Angad

In the Upcoming track of the show Udaariyaan, the drama is going to intensify with Tanya revealing her real identity to Angad. 

We have already witnessed that Angad has set Tejo on Fire as she runs to tell Fateh about her Pregnancy. 

However Tejo before dying sees Fateh and Jasmine together where she believes that they both planned her Death. 

The Show has taken a leap where Fateh is slowing dying inside remembering the Death of Tejo. 

Jasmine and Amrik escape from their Village to London as their Elders didn't agree for their togetherness. 

Angad decides to Kill Tanya

The show takes an interesting turn when they both see Tejo with changed identity as Tanya in London. 

Interestingly Tanya denies being Tejo. Angad who is sure that Tanya is Tejo stalks her on the streets of London. 

Surprisingly, Tanya reveals her real identity to Angad that she is Tejo. Angad decides to Kill her but then stops hearing her. 

What did Tanya tell him that he halt his plan to End her? 

Let's see what happens in the next track of the show. 

Stay Tuned to for the latest updates of your favorite shows. 

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