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Titlie: Penalize! Titlie Garv sleep in different beds Dual Standard ahead (Upcoming Story)

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Titlie: Titlie and Garv sleep in different beds

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie trying to find the truth.

It was earlier seen that Titlie will try to dig out Garv connection with Chikoo.

She will soon come to know that Chikoo is actually dead and his dead has made Garv into an ill-tempered person.

She will be seen separating the beds and trying to know what happened years back but Garv and rest of his family is tight lipped as they don’t want unearth the truth in front of Titlie.

Titlie doesn’t want to live a dual life and hence will give Garv warning before ending her marriage.

Garv will be seen taking up the challenge and vows that she will unites the beds soon.

Titlie and Garv are at loggerhead as Titlie wants to know the secret that Mehta family has hide from the world many years back.

Garv face biggest fear

Will Garv be able to face the biggest fear of his life or not?

Will Titlie be able to unveil the truth or not?

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