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Anupama: Toshu proved once a fool forever a fool with his act of Extarvagence at Sakranti Event (Latest News)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 23, 2023

Anupama: Toshu is making dents one after another in Shah's finances 

Star Plus drama-ladden serial Anupama knows no bound when it comes to drama likewise in its latest sequence the show is up with Toshu again disappointung the Shah with a new mistake of borrowing a car to make an entry at the Makar Sankranti event to show his power and money.

The act of Toshu was to prove his worth and class though it rendered a big-time loss on Shah. 

Kinjal deepenly remorse Toshu ventures and foolishness and finds it hard to survive with him anymore.

Heated up Mother-Son(Anupama-Paritosh) drama 

Paritosh is using Anupama's leverage of being a Kapadia every time he is getting a chance though Anupama is ignoring his studity but a recent act of Paritosh is about to surpass Anupama's limit to behold her anger. 

Vanraj has also unveiled a permanent shut on Paritosh Bussiness unbale to bearing anymore loss. 

Will Paritosh will realise his real mistakes and how is foolishnes is about to ruin his family?

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