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Titlie: Ishaan Singh Manhas to essay Garv’s elder brother Chikoo’s character in show (Future Episode)

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Titlie: Ishaan Singh Manhas to essay Chikoo’s character

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie a shocking mystery.

It was earlier seen that Manik has been hiding truth from his family that is going to ruin many lives.

Manik’s eldest son who is assumed dead by the family is actually alive.

It seems that after the tragic accident Chikoo was rushed to hospital and was able to survive but due to the fall he lost his mental balance.

Manik hid this truth from his family as he didn’t want anyone to sympathize with Chikoo.

Garv was made to believe for many years that due to him Chikoo is no longer alive but in reality Chikoo was still alive and was kept in a mental asylum.

It is heard that actor Ishaan Singh Manhas is going to essay the character of Garv’s mentally challenged big brother in the show.

Garv unaware of truth

Things are still not clear as how Garv is going to know this truth about his brother being alive.

Will Chikoo’s entry change everything in Mehta House or not?

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