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Titlie: Dhara expose Garv’s Evil behaviors Garv forced to visit psychologist (Future Episode)

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Titlie: Garv forced to visit psychologist

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie trying to change Garv’s behavior.

It seems that Dhara will get hold of Dadaji’s phone and hears a recording of Garv and how he has been physically abusing Titlie and even manipulating her.

The family will be shocked to know that Garv has been raising hands on Titlie very frequently but Titlie chose to remain quiet.

Dhara’s truth will come as a huge shock for Garv and his family as nobody was ready to face this reality.

Titlie will be seen making her point very clear that if Garv doesn’t visit a psychiatrist than she will not be able to stay with him under the same roof.

Garv is madly in love with Titlie and will not want to stay without her and hence will go to the doctor for help.

Titlie give Garv ultimatum

Koel and Manik will be seen shocked to know about Garv’s abusive behavior and will target Maina for covering up Garv.

Will Garv be able to change his behavior for his love or not?

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