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Titlie: Blunder! Garv’s attempt to kill Sandy (Upcoming Twist)

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Titlie: Blunder! Garv’s attempt to kill Sandy

Titlie: Garv attempt to kill Sandy


Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Garv coming to know the truth.

It seems that Garv will get his hands on Dhrishti’s intimate pictures with a boy and gets out of control.

He will question Dhrishti about the pictures and realizes that Dhrishti was friendly with a bot and that boy misused their closeness and took pictures of Dhrishti and later started blackmailing Dhrishti.

Garv will fume in anger and Titlie will try to calm him down.

However Garv will not be able to control his anger and will freak out as someone is trying to tarnish his sister’s life.

He will go to Sandy’s house and will be seen him sitting.

Garv will be seen beating up Sandy and later set his phone on fire that has all the pictures of Dhrishti in it.

If rumours are to be believed Sandy will lose his life in the process that will become a huge problem for Titlie and Dhrishti.

Garv out of control

Will Titlie be able to help Garv out of this mess or not?

Will Garv be able to control his anger or not?

Keep watching for more news and entertainment.

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