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Titlie: Men Don’t Cry! Titlie fails to understand Garv’s PSEUDO Pride (Future Episode)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on September 12, 2023 11:14 AM

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Titlie: Titlie unable to understand Garv’s fake pride

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie trying to help Garv.

It seems that Titlie will soon come to know that Chikoo was actually Garv’s elder brother who died due to his mistake.

Chikoo’s death has a huge impact on Garv as he feels responsible for the death of his older brother.

Garv has the guilt for being careless as he could have saved his brother of he could hold him longer.

He will further talk about the change that Chikoo’s death bought in his life as due to this he is not able to forgive anyone who makes mistakes.

Garv will even highlight the fact that he is very possessive about Titlie as he has lots his brother whom he loved the most and hence he has become very possessive about anyone who is close to him.

Titlie vows to help Garv

Will Titlie be able to help Garv come out of his stressful life or not?

Will Garv and Titlie be able to save their marriage or not?

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