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Titlie: Titlie destroys Sandy’s Fake Male Ego save Drishti’s honor (Upcoming Story)

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Titlie: Titlie saves Drishti’s honor

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie helping Drishti.

It was earlier seen that Sandy is not able to accept the fact that a girl has ditched him.

He will be seen going behind Drishti’s back and making it a point to get her back in his life.

Sandy will send Drishti come intimate photos of her and tries to blackmail her so that she doesn’t leave him.

Titlie will come to know about it and will vow to teach Sandy lesson.

She will be seen trying to break the fake male ego that Sandy carries along with him.

Drishti is very clear that she doesn’t want to go back to him as he is a cheater.

Titlie will be seen attacking Sandy and tries to snatch the phone from him that has all the pictures of Drishti.

Titlie attacks Sandy

It is going to be an action pack scene as Titlie is not willing to leave Sandy at any cost.

Will Titlie be able to save Drishti from Sandy’s clutches or not?

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