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Titlie: Garv’s Animal Instinct takes over Titlie full of Hatred (Upcoming Episode)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on September 09, 2023 12:56 PM

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Titlie: Titlie full of hatred towards Garv

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Titlie not willing to compromise.

It was earlier seen that Garv is having a hard time to control his anger as when he is angry he fails to understand the difference between right and wrong.

Garv’s inner animal will make him do things that are harmful towards him and the entire family.

Soon Titlie will be seen speaking her mind out and makes it very clear that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship where she is mentally and physically abused by her partner.

She will be seen full of hatred towards the action that Garv is taking when he is angry.

Titlie will be seen trying to figure out the reason behind Garv’s behavior as it’s not normal.

Garv on the other hand is not ready to understand that he is having a psychological problem.

Titlie goes against Garv

The tension between Garv and Titlie will not be hidden by the family as they know something is terribly wrong with them.

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