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Titlie: Chikoo truth kept secret from Garv Calamity in Mehta House (Future story)

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Titlie: Chikoo truth kept secret from Garv and family

Star Plus show Titlie is currently revolving around Manik hiding shocking truth.

It seems that Titlie will be admitted in hospital as she will suffer from an accident.

In the hospital Garv will come across a man who is behaving like a child and running around with loaded gun.

He will be seen threatening to kill who ever coming in front of him.

Garv will see this drama and patiently handles the man and snatches the run away.

He will further help the patient to calm down as he is a threat to people around him.

If rumours are to be believed the man who is mentally not stable is actually Garv’s older brother Chikoo.

Manik has kept him away from his family as he doesn’t want the world to know that he has son who in mentally not stable.

Garv kept in dark

This is going to be the biggest secret of Mehta family that Manik has hidden from everyone.

Will Garv be able to know the truth about his brother or not?

 Keep watching for more news and entertainment.


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