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Anupama: Steering Wheel Kinjal is Perfection Dimple waits till Marriage to Trample Baa (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 23, 2023

Anupama: Dimple brings the threats for Shah House with the marriage with Samar

The Star Plus serial Anupama has been a household name from the very beginning of the show.

Now the story is lingering around Samar and Dimple’s wedding where as Dimple has countless demands.

Dimple has no family of her own now and she stays at Kapadia mansion.

Moreover, Dimple feels Anuj is her father figure and she demands everything from Anuj.

This makes Samar angry while the rest of Shahs see the attitude of Dimple that makes Baa restless.

Baa shows Dimple should follow the rules as Kinjal has done the same.

Moreover she adds Kinjal is rich and comes from a reputed family while Dimple has considered Kapadias as her Catch Phrase.

Dimple and Baa add spices of attitude and rules

Dimple keeps quite as she is ready to add spices in the lives of Shah family after marriage.

It seems the Shahs are heading to lose peace as Dimple wants to trample Baa with the entry to Shah House.

Will Dimple turn the steering wheel of Shah house as she is irked by Baa for her rules??

Stay tuned as Dimple’s entry will not be easy for the Shah in Anupama and get updates Via us at Serial Xpress.

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