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Anupama: Closed Tressures Kinjal Crystal Clear Announcement to break Silence on Toshu (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 23, 2023

Anupama: Toshu wants to start fresh with another child Kinjal decides to leave with Pari

The Incredible journey of Anupama on the channel of Star Plus is showing the wrecked marriages.

Till the recent dates, Toshu has done a lot many mistakes while Kinjal has been the best hearted person to fulfil her duty.

Toshu has learnt many lessons while he still gets sticked start fresh with Kinjal.

After the cheating Kinjal has lost faith in love and has no hope from Toshu.

Yet Kinjal is staying with the Shah family so Pari gets the love of her father and family.

But it seems now Toshu demands to have another child as he thinks this will help them move on.

This makes Kinjal suffocate as she Is done compromising as her decision is crystal clear.

Kinjal leaves after the marriage functions

Kinjal makes an announcement as she marks Samar and Dimple’s marriage will be her last day with Shahs.

It seems the marriage of Toshu and Kinjal are treasured in closed pages now.

Will Toshu let Kinjal leave the house along with their daughter Pari??

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