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Anupama: Woah!! Anuj and Maya’s constant rifts, Is something fishy going on inside? (Upcoming Twist)

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Anupama: Maya has many cunning plans to ruin the birthday party before even getting started

Star Plus’s favourite drama track of Anupama has introduced many intriguing highs and lows for the time being.

As the current episodes are revolving around Choti Anu’s birthday party, Maya wants to keep up with Choti Anu.

Further, Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) takes Choti along with him as he does not want Choti to be around Maya anymore.

On the other hand, Anuj and Ankush are seen to discuss to blast truth bombs that relates Maya and her past.

Anupama is all hyped up as she gets the sense that something Fishy is going to hit her daughter Choti on her Birthday.

In the upcoming episodes, Ankush and Maya are going to share great deal of scene.

One of the many surprises is shock

Well, many surprises are going to come along with Choti Anu’s first birthday.

Do these truths relate Anuj and Maya Anyhow??

Will Maya be able to take away Choti Anu??

It will be interesting to check out further in the upcoming episodes.

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