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Anupama: Ankush’s party Popper Chief Guest and Maya’s betrayal side kick twisted link (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on February 04, 2023

Anupama: Maya is all set to take away Choti Anu after the party Anuj’s counter attack

Star Plus’s one of the most amazing serial drama Anupama has rated top notch in the TRP charts.

So far the high voltage drama is focusing on Choti Anu and Maya (Chhavi Pandey) walking in as Choti Anu’s biological mother.

Further a big sag of happiness gets flourished at Kapadia mansion as the family is seen to prepare for Choti Anu’s real birthday.

Further, Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) gets into secret mission to find out who is Maya.

Ankush becomes a great deal of help to search about the reality and to their surprise Maya is not a joke.

Anupama in great tragedy

As the party has started, Maya welcomes her only friend and family Sushmaa.

But as it turns out Sushmaa has a plan to take away Choti Anu and Maya along with her after the party.

Yet Anuj is ready to challenge Maya as her secret gets leaked after the party.

Anupama has to take a dual action for her daughter.

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