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Bhagya Laxmi: ALAS!! Laxmi’s marriage announcement with Balwinder (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 12, 2023

Bhagya Laxmi: Laxmi to marry Balwinder soon, Open statement shocks Rishi

The terrific drama is going to get all hyped up with extreme level of disturbances and drama between Rishi (Rohit Suchanti) and Laxmi (Aishwarya Khare) in the story line of Bhagya Laxmi airing on Zee TV.

As Rishi and Laxmi are far apart from each other after the divorce, still the favourite Zee couple Rishi and Laxmi are seen together.

The fate brings the duo together to protect each other.

In the recent episode, Laxmi is seen in market where she gets frustrated because of Balwinder.

Balwinder is all set to marry Laxmi and thus he tracks Laxmi where ever she goes.

Soon Rishi arrives to safe guard Laxmi leading to a massive fight.

While Rishi has left his heart with Laxmi, Laxmi is upset with Rishi.

Following up the drama, the fight between Rishi and Balwinder is about to get bigger.

Laxmi tries to handle the mess and the only way she finds out to stop his fight forever is very shocking.

Laxmi is seen to admit she wants to marry Balwinder.

Laxmi announces her big decision 

While Laxmi’s motives are clean it shocks Rishi and Balwinder.

As it looks Balwinder has got an indication to start wedding preps.

But Rishi is not going to let that happen.

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