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Bhagya Laxmi: Neha turns Rebellious, Twirl to Balwinder to marry rich Foreign lad (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 08, 2023

Bhagya Laxmi: Neha to carry out Laxmi and Balwinder’s marriage soon

The story line of Bhagya Laxmi has been all geared up with intriguing drama.

Chachi feels all burdened up as Laxmi gets divorced from Rishi.

Laxmi is naïve enough to come back empty handed without Alimony.

With this Chachi makes a rock solid plan to tangle Laxmi in her plan to get rid of her.

Further, Chachi calls up for a proposal that has come for Neha.

Neha gets mesmerized with the richness of the lad which motivates her to marry the lad as soon as possible.

But the twist walks in as Balwinder comes up to safe Laxmi from marrying anyone else.

Pandit ji is seen leaving the house with a demand to get Laxmi married to Balwinder.

Neha wants Laxmi to marry Balwinder 

Further as the drama proceeds further, Neha realises the family is very rich and she wants to get married there.

But Laxmi turns speed breaker in her relationship and she is going to join hands with Balwinder.

Neha has never loved Laxmi or her sisters and she will do anything for her own pride.

As it looks Neha is going to turn the mainstream villain to conduct Laxmi and Balwinder’s marriage.

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