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Pandya Store: EMOTIONAL! Dhaara kneel down to plead for support from family (Upcoming Twist)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on December 30, 2022 09:38 AM (IST) | Publication:


Pandya Store: Dhaara swears to bring back Pandya Store with a full-proof plan

Star Plus' chartbuster show Pandya Store is gearing up with an interesting plot with dhara's kneeling down to request members of Pandya Niwas to support her for the last time.

Dhara makes a plan to flip Pandyas destiny with a new plan but has to face rejections due to failure of her previous plans.

Dhara to plead on knees to demand support from Pandya Niwas residents in her plan to execute.

She pleads for support for the very last time and promises to achieve her goal this time.

Dhara is infurigares by the very idea of members to look out for jor in despair and desperation.

Dhara spreads her Jholi to ask for help

Dhara is left with no choice apart from pleading for support with spreading her Jholi.

Pandya Niwas is breaking within two teams of supporters and non-supporters of Dhara.

Rishita and Raavi are not convinced but the family have to agree due to family pressure.

Rishita and Raavi wants members to secure a job to sustain livelihood of Pandya Niwas and not to think about something that is gone.

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