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Pandya Store: Rishita's threat to leave Pandya Niwas as a clear denial for support for Dhara's plan (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on December 30, 2022

Pandya Store: Sprees of allegations on Dhara by Rishita to have caused the financial crisis

Star Plus' chartbuster show Pandya Store is gearing up with an interesting plot with Rishita discouraging Dhara's plan to bring back Pandya Store with threat to leave the house.

Pandya Niwas is breaking within two teams of supporters and non-supporters of Dhara.

Rishita and Raavi are not convinced but the family have to agree due to family pressure.

Rishita and Raavi want members to secure a job to sustain the livelihood of Pandya Niwas and not to think about something that is gone.

Dhara's emotional connection with Pandya Store

Like the rest of the Pandya nevas resident Dhara can't let go of the Pandya Store to Shweta and plans to give Shweta a taste of her own medicine.

She can tlet of the store which Gautam has riped to sucess with his sweat and blood.

Will Dhara will succeed in her plan?

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