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Pandya Store: Prafulla experience PARANORMAL activities Dhara Sly move ahead (Upcoming Twist)

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Pandya Store: Prafulla experience paranormal activity

Star Plus show Pandya Store is revolving around Shivaa being alive but hiding this truth from the family.

It seems that Prafulla is facing the biggest fear of her life as she will start feeling that Shivaa’s ghost is in her house and is troubling her.

Prafulla has left the house thinking Shiva’s ghost has acquired the place and will shift in Pandya house.

In the upcoming episodes, Prafulla gets scared thinking of Shiva’s ghost. She gets signs of Shiva’s ghost haunting her.

Dhara asks Raavi to deck up but Raavi is clueless about the same.

Dhara cooks stories and takes Raavi out of the house and makes her reach Prafulla’s house.

Dhara decks up Raavi

Dhara knows that Shivaa is alive and hence wants Raavi to meet him.

Will Shivaa be able to come in front of Raavi or not?

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