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Pandya Store: Raavi makes Prafulla mentally clogged denies Shivaa’s existence (Upcoming Twist)

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Pandya Store: Shivaa Raavi come face to face

Star Plus show Pandya Store is revolving around Shiva feeling helpless as he is not able to come in front of his own family.

It seems that Shivaa will hide from his own family as he doesn’t want to get them involved in legal problem.

Shockingly Shivaa will be staying in Prafulla’s house and she will be thinking that Shivaa’s ghost is troubling her.

Later Raavi will come to Prafulla’s house and know the truth and gets emotional seeing Shivaa alive.

Prafulla will be see Raavi and Shivaa alive and understands that Shivaa is still alive and was troubling her.

However Raavi will handle the situation very smartly and acts as if she cannot see Shivaa anywhere leaving Prafulla confused.

Raavi helps Shivaa

Raavi is doing all this as she knows that if Shivaa is alive than the entire family will fall in trouble as they have used up the insurance money.

Will Raavi and Shivaa be able to handle this situation or not?

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