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Anupama Namaste America: Vanraj fishy act ends up helping Anupama in audition (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on April 27, 2022

Anupama – Namaste America: Vanraj helps Anupama in audition

Hotstar Specials presents Anupama – Namaste America, to show another side of Anupama’s life.

It seems that Vanraj’s supervisor informs him to send Anupama’s audition tape and details of her passport.

Anupama gets excited and starts prepping up for the audition video, and Vanraj acts a little fishy and ends up helping Anupama in shooting the video. 

While Vanraj’s supervisor’s wife can’t stop praising Anupama, she bestows her with an opportunity that leaves Anupama speechless.

Going to America to learn the art of dance has been her dream, and watching it come true in the most unexpected way puts Anupama on cloud nine.

Vanraj goes against Anupama’s dream

Vanraj, who was noticing things from afar, is left with no choice and has to agree to this opportunity.

Will Anupama be able to live her dream of performing on stage or not?

Will Vanraj let Anupamaa achieve her dream?

Stay tuned for more such updates and news.

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