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Anupamaa: Babuji suffers minor heart attack hide facts from family (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on April 27, 2022

Anupamaa: Babuji hides facts from family

Star Plus show Anupamaa is revolving around Babuji not feeling well.

It seems that Babuji will be sitting on his chair and suddenly will get a massive pain in his heart and will fall unconscious.

No one will be there in the house to notice that Babuji has fallen down.

Later he will regain his conscious back and will be shocked to see himself on the floor.

He will try to sit on the chair and have his medicines as he is feeling uneasy.

Apparently Vanraj will just enter his house and sees Babuji in an uncomfortable position lying on the floor.

He will alarm the family and everyone will rush to help him.

Babuji will hide his illness and reveal that he is feeling better.

Vanraj alarms family

Will Anupamaa be able to know the truth behind Babuji’s health or not?

Will Babuji be able to hide his illness from his family or not?

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