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Anupamaa: Vanraj suffers massive heart attacks details revealed (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on November 22, 2021

Anupamaa: Vanraj Suffers massive heart attack

Star Plus show Anupamaa is revolving around Vanraj facing challenges in life one after another.

It seems that a little birdie from the ‘Anupamaa’ sets have informed us that the upcoming episodes of the show will get more dramatic and intense.

It is heard that Vanraj will suffer from a severe heart attack.

Vanraj will blame himself for everything wrong that happened in their lives and his wrong decisions led to his family being broken.

He will keep thinking about his father’s humiliation and Kavya taking over the property.

Vanraj severe health issue

He will go in a loop of thoughts wherein he will also feel responsible for his father’s humiliation and the thought of losing his property will also keep on playing in his mind.

As a result of which, he might suffer from a heart attack.

Vanraj will be seen having hearth issue and Kavya will not be able to cope up with him.

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