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Anupamaa: Anuj super hero act to save Samar from Rohan’s attack Vanraj irked (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on October 13, 2021

Anupamaa: Anuj turns super hero for Samar

Star Plus show Anupamaa is revolving around the dirty fight between Rohan and Samar.

It seems that Rohan is getting obsessed with Nandini and wants her back in his life at any cost.

He will hence threaten Nandini that he will kill Samar if she doesn’t go back to US as fast as possible.

Nandini will panic and not think twice before leaving Ahmadabad and Samar forever.

However Anupamaa will intervene and will try to get to the core of the problem,

Soon Anupamaa will take help from Anuj to teach Rohan a lesson.

Anuj replaces Vanraj

Anuj will be seen beating up Rohan in a hero style and hence Samar and Nandini will become his fan.

Samar will start calling Anuj as Super hero that will irk Vanraj.

Anuj will easily become a father figure in Samar’s life and this will irk Vanraj once again.

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