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Anupama: Dime Future! Pakhi decides to leave Kapadia House as Adhik real face Unmasked (Top News)

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Anupama: Pakhi decides to leave Kapadia House

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around Pakhi trying to work on her marriage.

It was earlier seen that Pakhi has given Adhik many chances but he is not ready to change.

Pakhi will realize that Adhik is being nice towards her as he wants to stay in Kapadia House along with his sister.

This will break Pakhi’s heart as she really loved Adhik and went against her entire family and supported him.

Pakhi will soon make a decision that will change everything around her.

She will plan to leave Adhik and Kapadia House as she is no longer willing to continue her marriage.

This decision of Pakhi will have a huge impact on Anupama as her worst nightmare has come true.

Adhik will try to stop Pakhi but she is too adamant to listen to anyone.

Anupama will be broken as her daughter’s marriage has failed.

Anupama broken from within

Will Pakhi be able to come out of this toxic relationship or not?

Will Adhik be able to change or not?

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