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Anupama: Anupama to know real reason behind Malti Devi’s entry in Kapadia House (Future Episode)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on September 16, 2023 10:57 AM (IST) | Publication:


Anupama: Anupama to know shocking truth

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around Anupama digging in Malti Devi’s past.

It was earlier seen that Anupama will keep Malti Devi in Kapadia House without Anuj’s willingness.

Anupama feels that Malti Devi is alone and needs someone to take care of as she is not mentally stable.

Anupama will go to Gurukul to take Malti Devi’s belonging and gets shocked to see a Birth Certificate.

Anupama will start investigating and realizes that the Birth certificate belong to her son who is not part of Malti Devi’s life.

If rumours are to be believed Malti Devi is Anuj’s biological mother who has come to Kapadia House to claim her son back.

Malti Devi is aware of this truth and hence wants to regain her position in Anuj’s life once again.

Malti Devi big secret

This is the biggest reason behind Malti Devi coming to Kapadia House and trying to win the love and sympathy of Anuj.

Will Malti Devi be able to succeed in her mission or not?

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