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Anupama: Unfortunate! Dimpy molested by Goons Titu turns Saviour in Disguise (Latest News)

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Anupama: Dimpy molested by goons

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around huge twist in storyline

It was earlier seen that Baa and Babuji are staying in Kapadia House as there is no one in Shah House to look after them.

Kavya and Dimpy are pregnant and not able to take care of Baa and Babuji and hence they will leave the house.

Shockingly Dimpy will see two men coming towards her in drunken state and chase her around.

Dimpy will get scared and runs away to her house and locks the door.

The goons will try to molest her but Titu will come on time and beats the goons up.

Dimpy will be seen shivering in fear but Titu will calm her down and request her not to fear till he is around.

Dimpy in state of shock

Will Dimpy be able to come out of this shock or not?

Will Titu and Dimpy be able to get closer to each other?

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