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Anupama: Ultimate! Anuj Last Warning to Pakhi before Final EXIT (Upcoming Episode)

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Anupama: Anuj gives last warning to Pakhi

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around huge twist in storyline

It was earlier seen that Anuj will get Baa and Babuji in Kapadia House as Anupama is finding it difficult to manage both the houses together.

Pakhi will be seen creating trouble for Anupama once again as she will start misbehaving with Baa and Babuji in the presence of rest of the family.

Pakhi will further tag Anupama as the maid servant of the house creating tension.

Anuj will not be able to hold on to his emotions and will get angry with Pakhi for misbehaving with Anupama.

He will warn Pakhi to mind her action or else she will have to exit the house as the house belongs to Anupama.

Pakhi throws tantrum

Pakhi will be seen throwing tantrums once again as she is not able to mind her language.

Will Anuj be able to fix Pakhi’s attitude before it’s too late or not?

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