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Anupama: Checkmate! Anupama accused of CHEATING in Super Chef Competition (Future story)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 15, 2024 10:47 AM (IST) | Publication:


Anupama: Anupama accused of CHEATING in Super Chef Competition


Anupama rules on the television screens. It is a remake of Star Jalsha's Bengali series Sreemoyee, produced by Rajan and Deepa Shahi under the auspices of Director's Kut Productions. 

It was earlier Anupama has won the super chef competition and will be very happy.

However, her dreams will soon be shattered as she will realise that she has been accused of cheating during the super chef competition.

This will become a national issue and she will be dethroned by people around her.

Spice and Chutney will also be shut down as she reopened it with the price money that she won.

Yashdeep will also not be able to believe in Anupama and accuse her of tarnishing his restaurant image in public.

Anupama huge downfall ahead

Will Anupama be able to overcome this tragic situation in her personal life or not?

Will Anuj and be able to help Anupama to come out of this mess or not?

Stay tuned on for upcoming updates.


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