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Anupama: Outraged! Malti Devi left son in Orphanage Anupama Disgusted (Future Episode)

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Anupama: Malti Devi left son in orphanage

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Anupama revolves around Anupama digging truth.

It was earlier seen that Anupama will begin her mission to search for Malti Devi’s son so that he can take care of his ailing mother.

Anupama will start investigating and finds truth that will leave her disgusted.

She will come to know that she has a son but due to her ambitious she chose to send her son away to Orphanage.

This truth will jolt Anupama and being a mother Malti Devi has abused motherhood.

Anupama will be seen trying to know more about her son as she want Malti Devi to unite with her family.

Things are going to get very ugly as Anupama will start getting close to the truth that has been kept away from the family for a long time.

Anupama in search of truth

Will Anupama be able to know that the son whom she is searching is actually Anuj Kapadia?

Will Anuj be able to forgive Malti Devi for destroying his early childhood and choosing career over family?

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