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Anupama: Reality strike amidst Anuj-Anupama with Barkha's strong argument (Daily Soap Gossip)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on January 24, 2023

Anupama: Barkha (Ashlesha Sawant) come forward to rescue Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) and Anupama's (Rupali Ganguly) mentally imbalance state of mind

In the upcoming episode of the star plus block buster serial Anupama the twist of the tale will be still unspoken along with a realistic hinderance.

It will be seen that Anupama and Anuj will face severe mental pressure on account of Maya's claim and court case.

This will make the entire mental peace of the Kapadiya house to get snatched away with the performance pressure of Maya.

Barkha who too will be under a severe pressure will realize that this will be the time to calm down Anuj and Anupama and get onto their good side.

Barkha in order to get into the good books of Anuj and Anupama will now make sure to console Anuj with a few words.

Anuj disagree with Barkha's thoughts

Barkha will ask Anuj to hand over Little Anu to Maya as Maya's case will be quite strong enough and there will be no way out that Anuj and Anupama will win this case.

It will be hence interesting to watch that how will now Maya make it a point to mantally torture the lead couple Anuj and Anupama.

Will Anuj give up this easily over Anu's custody or will there be an amazing drama coming up next ahead?

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