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GHKKPM: Durva pays huge price for messing with Tigress Savi (Upcoming Twist)

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GHKKPM: Durva messes with Savi


Star Plus Show Ghum Hai KissiKey Pyaar Mein revolves around a compelling storyline.

It seems that Druva will inform the college staff and students that Savi has got married to Ishaan.

She will further tag Savi as Gold Digger as she came close to Ishaan so that she can marry a wealthy man and live a very comfortable life.

Savi will feel humiliated as Durva will make fun of her hardwork and the fact that she used the death of her family as a weapon to get close to Ishaan.

Savi will not be able to hear things any longer and throws coffee on Durva’s face and warns her not to mess with her again.

Savi insults Durva

She will insult Durva in front of her friends and calls her disgusting for throwing mud at her won brother.

Will Durva be able to forget this insult by Savi or not?

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