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Barsatein: Aradhna helps Angad Kimaya Elope & Marry Malini envious (Upcoming Twist)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on September 08, 2023 02:05 PM (IST) | Publication:


Barsatein: Aradhna helps Angad Kimaya Elope & Marry Malini envious

Barsatein: Aradhna helps Angad and Kimaya to get married


Sony Entertainment Television’s Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka brings forth a stormy romance drama set in a newsroom.

It seems that Aradhna wants to expose Jindal’s at any cost as she wants to get to the core of the mystery behind the missing idol.

Amid all this drama Malini will come to know about Jindal’s hand behind the missing idol and hence will break Kimaya and Angad’s marriage.

This is going to be the biggest turning point of the show as Aradhna will support Kimaya and Angad’s love as she knows the two love each other a lot.

Aradhna will be seen helping Kimaya and Angad to elope and marry against the wishes of their family.

Malini will be seen going mad in anger as due to Aradhna her daughter has taken a wrong step in life.

Aradhna on the other feels that Angad will never ditch her as he loves her more than anything else.

Aradhna supports love

Will Aradhna be able to tell the truth to Malini or not?

It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

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