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Katha Ankahee: Millions Drop Dead as Iconic Duo Viaan Katha turn Couple on Amrita’s command (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 25, 2023

Katha Ankahee: Amrita flattered to meet Katha inspires the love chemistry of Katha and Viaan

The love has been captured in albums of Sony Tv popular household serial Katha Ankahee the includes stunning drama.

The fans are excited to see Katha and Viaan getting together while Amrita plays the front cupid.

Amrita knows the truth that Viaan has hold in his heart for Katha and Araav.

Moreover, she understands Katha as the perfect girl who has introduced Viaan towards the light he has been waiting for in his entire life.

Now as Amrita is a mother, Viaan supports his friend as he turns the father figure to handle the little girl.

After which Viaan gets groovy of help and Ehsan brings the perfect person for the Job.

To guess, Katha helps Viaan while soon Amrita gets to meet Katha after hearing so much about her.

Now, Amrita motivates Katha to see the good in Viaan as he the one in lakhs.

Amrita brings the couple Katha and Viaan together

Meanwhile she has mentioned Katha being one in the crores as she is perfect for Viaan.

It seems Katha has seen the father side of Viaan as she is ready to turn the iconic couple along with Viaan.

It would be highly and extremely exciting as the fans are waiting for Katha and Viaan to kick start their romance.

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