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Anupama: New Little Guest Vanraj Jibe and Scoff with the Big Announcement of Kavya (Upcoming Twist)

Published By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 24, 2023 09:25 AM (IST) | Publication:


Anupama: Vanraj gets the shock as Kavya announces to welcome the baby of Vanraj

The Star Plus intriguing series of Drama has been making the noise in the serial of Anupama.

The current hovering and lingering is presenting the reunion of Shah family and the Kapadias for Samar and Dimple’s wedding ceremony.

Thereof Kavya meets Vanraj where she has something in heart to talk about.

Kavya keeps the secret about the pause she has taken from the modelling career.

Now it seems Anupama is the one to find the good news about Kavya being pregnant.

Soon with the celebrations another news arrives that scoffs and Jibes Vanraj.

It seems Vanraj is about to know that Kavya is pregnant and he is the father.

Well, Vanraj has refused for another child from the beginning of relation with Kavya.

Vanraj refuses the truth of another child

But as now Kavya is received the greatest news of her life Vanraj is not ready to accept the change.

Will Kavya get the happiness that she deserves and she has waited for so long in her life??

What will happen between Vanraj and Kavya after the child comes??

Stay tuned and continue watching Anupama along with Serial Xpress.


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