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BALH: The Latest Episode Update Lakhan advices Prachi and Raghav’s marriage Josh Out (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 23, 2023

BALH: Lakhan shows the lookalike image of Prachi’s love for Raghav as Josh is out

The Sony Tv entertainment is now presenting the climax for the loyal viewers as we wait for the happy ending.

It seems Raghav has known the truth while Prachi has learnt the reality about her feelings for Raghav.

As Prachi lies on Hospital bed she realises that her true feelings are inclined for Raghav.

But the hurdle arrives as Prachi overhears Angad and Pihu talking about Raghav.

Now Prachi knows Pihu has feelings for Raghav and she want to hide her feelings to reunite Pihu and Raghav.

For this Prachi adds that she is ready to Josh immediately while it sees Lakhan sees the other side.

Lakhan wants a private talk with his little princess Prachi where he adds the thing he feels.

Prachi gets token of advice

Not only Lakhan but everyone can see it clearly that Prachi has always been in love with Raghav.

It seems Lakhan has added his thoughts while Prachi sticks to Josh for Pihu.

But the twists is Prachi is ready to sacrifice but the conclusion of her feelings is disclosed.

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