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GHKKPM: Savi Vinu decide to reunite Parents Virat Sai to complete their love story (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 21, 2023

GHKKPM: Vinu decides to bring Sai as the part of his family as Savi enters Chauhan Niwas

Star Plus serials have taken over the hearts and minds of the fans with Intriguing twists arriving in Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein.

The show has gained limelight as Sai gets married to Satya.

Well to understand Sai still loves Virat and she will continue to do so.

But the situation has tied Satya and Sai in the bond and deal of marriage.

Thereof Sai is always stay in touch with Virat as their kids Vinu and Savi are the link between the duo.

Further now as Sai and Satya are heading for their Honeymoon, Sai offers Savi should spend time with Vinu.

This brings many fun for the children and they have another plan approaching.

Vinu wants Sai at Chauhan Niwas

Now Vinu has accepted Sai as his mother, so Savi suggests they should bring Sai back to Chauhan Niwas.

Will this plan of Vinu and Savi get successful to start Sai and Virat’s love journey again??

Let’s wait and watch the twist and turns that are arriving.

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