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BALH: Monica Recreates the Story of Ram and Priya’s Murder Mystery Prachi connects dots (Upcoming Twist)

By: SerialxPRESS Admin on May 13, 2023

BALH: Prachi connects the complex dots to highlight the reality of death for Ram and Priya

The Sony Tv has made the real time audiences groove to its picturesque drama and entertainment.

The storm has arrived to shatter Pihu and Prachi as the reality that is buried deep in grounds in about to get highlighted.

Now, Sid has played the game of blank check where the person who is related to Ram and Priya gets disclosed.

Prachi has absolute no memory of the person while Monica will bring many stories with her return.

Now Josh is ready to get done with the wedding and Monica refuses the big step.

Thereof Josh gives a reason to Prachi to back out from the wedding while she starts to connect the dot.

Prachi is certain that she wants to know about Sid being involved in Blank check issue.

Ram and Priya's death fire

And soon the reality will link the death of Ram and Priya who is believed to be the fire.

But now its time’s off for Sid as Monica and Prachi tune in.

It would be highly interesting to see what happens next with the truth.

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